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Why Are Car Led Headlights So Popular?

May. 14, 2020

There are three types of headlights on the market: halogen bulbs, xenon lamps and LED headlights.So which of these three headlights is better, as China LED auto headlights manufacturer will explain to you:

LED headlights are the most power-saving, bright and power-saving is the most prominent feature of LED headlights.LED headlights were inspired by fireflies, a firefly that glows at night without electricity or oil.Therefore, LED technology is called the third lighting revolution, and in the future, LED will be popularized in our homes.

Automobile LED headlights are usually 30W or 40W, halogen lamps are usually 55W, and xenon lamps are usually at least 55W.LED lamps, energy consumption is only 60% of the original car halogen bulbs or xenon lamp, but the brightness of LED lamps halogen lamp brightness is more than four times, now people for car lights modification, are generally use LED lamps, don't use a xenon lamp, and xenon lamp is LED headlight before didn't come out with a few years ago, is also an era of renewed by now.

Xenon lamp is the headlight of the original car with ballast voltage from 12 v to 23000 v and then stimulate the arc light, think about also know, the voltage from 12 v to 23000 v need to how much energy, therefore, xenon lamp at startup is very, very power, but also slowly, general light xenon lamps need a minute or two time, loss of battery very much.LED headlights do not need ballast, do not need to increase the voltage, basically can reach 0.1s lighting, super power saving.

Since the xenon lamp needs to increase the voltage, and it takes a process to increase the voltage, it also determines that the xenon lamp has a delay when it is started, that is, it needs to light up slowly, with a delay of 5-15 seconds.And the LED headlights start instantly, without delay, as soon as the power is switched on.

The first point, is the heat: xenon lamp and halogen lamp is to create electrical energy into heat energy, in the light at the same time produced a large number of infrared rays, heat is very large, especially xenon lamp lit for 20 minutes, the temperature is up to 300-400 degrees, the lamp bowl baked yellow, even the lamp holder baked.And luminous principle of LED lamps is cold light source, is that the principle of "fireflies glow, calorific value is very low, take the very popular in the market now" HengXin automobile LED headlamps a402 "as an example, the light after 20 minutes, you can get all don't have much problem with the hand, low calorific value, low calorific value, do not have any is a light bulb can match!

Mi2 Automobile Led Headlights

Mi2 Automobile Led Headlights

The second point is the stability, Mi2 automobile LED headlights is much more stable than xenon lamp, LED is the latest generation of products, there is a generation difference between the two products, just like fighter j-20 and j-10, there is a generation difference, LED lamp is an improvement of the automobile era, the new generation is much better than the previous generation.www.huoking.cn huo jing optoelectronics

The third point. LED headlights have a life span of 30,000 hours and xenon lamps have a life span of 3,000 hours. The life span of one LED headlamp is equivalent to that of 10 xenon lamps.

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