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Car Led Headlight Modification Knowledge (Below)

Mar. 01, 2020

Automobile LED headlights manufacturer introduces the steps of automobile headlight modification

(1) After the model is determined, it is better to ensure that the vehicle is turned off before starting to replace the headlights. Remove the car key and wait for the engine to completely cool down.

(2) Open the engine hood and simply replace the big bulb. Generally, the headlight assembly does not need to be removed. The fixing method of different car lights is slightly different. Generally, there is a dust cover at the tail of the headlight. After turning on, you can see the wire clasp of the headlight, and you can take it out by pinching it firmly.

(3) After removing the light bulb, you can unplug the light bulb from the power socket. The action should be light to avoid damaging the power socket.

(4) Take out the new bulb from the product packaging box, remember not to touch the glass part of the bulb with your fingers, to avoid accidentally sticking the glass on the hand to affect its service life, it is best to wear gloves during operation Install the lamp to the power connector.

(5) Finally, fix the bulb on the wire clamp, and screw on the sealing cap.

Automobile Led Headlights

Automobile Led Headlights

Personalized modification of automobile LED headlights:

In addition to improving the performance of your car's lighting system, most tuners also have their own personal needs, and many people will change the appearance kits and color of their models. However, if these modifications are difficult to see in the dark, then someone will think of personalizing the lighting, so that people can see the special features of the vehicle in the dark. In addition to the more popular angel eyes and devil eyes in recent years, LED decorative lights have also become popular. LED lights have the characteristics of large light emission, low power consumption, and durability. The most important thing is that they are small in size, and they can have a large degree of freedom in installation and display. Models such as Audi and Lexus use LED technology as the main light source for lighting (currently still a new technology and not yet popular), and many models will use LEDs to make daytime running lights, which not only improves the safety of the vehicle at the same time Still pretty. There are many choices for the installation position of LED lighting to create different effects, which provides a very large free space for owners who like to modify the appearance. For example, it can be installed at the front bumper or fog lamp position as a daytime running light, or it can be added at the bottom or top of the headlight, resulting in the "eyeliner" decorative effect, and the style is very diversified.

Common failures of modified lenses: fogging and water ingress of car headlights

With the popularity of modified car lights, a problem that has attracted more and more attention has also been mentioned by riders, that is, headlights fogging into the water. Fog in the lampshade is mostly caused by a large temperature difference. This phenomenon is most likely to occur in winter and rainy seasons.

In this case, you don't need to worry too much. After the lamp is turned on for a period of time, the mist will be discharged out of the lamp with the hot air through the ventilation pipe, which will basically not damage the headlamp and electrical circuits.

Water in the headlights means that water is formed in the headlights, and large particles of water droplets are attached to the inner wall of the lampshade, which cannot dissipate in a short period of time. This situation is an abnormality of the headlights sealing problem.

And many headlights enter the water due to the technical problems when modifying the headlight lens, and some irresponsible shops will shirk their responsibility under various excuses, such as the low heat of the xenon headlight, the lens absorbs a certain amount of heat To make water vapor evaporate slowly and so on.

Note for modification of china automobile LED headlights:

In order to prevent the occurrence of fogging and water ingress as much as possible, it is obviously necessary for us as car owners to choose a good and reputable store. At present, domestic modification of headlights is very popular, and many cities are relatively active in the local area. Non-governmental organizations such as the Che Youhui, before refitting the headlights, find more car owners who have experience in refitting headlights to learn from, or find an experienced refitting shop for installation through a special refitting lamp website.

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