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Car Headlights Are Not Bright Enough?

Feb. 20, 2020

Car headlights are also called headlights. Headlights are required for night driving. The brightness, power, and distance of headlights are related to the driver's safety.

Many car owners don't pay much attention to car headlights in ordinary car maintenance, and feel that as long as the car lights glow as usual. Although car headlights do not require us to spend a lot of energy to maintain, but it does not mean that we do not need to pay attention, once the situation occurs, the problem will be big. Therefore, next turn lamp supplier to teach you some car headlight maintenance skills.

First: choose a quality-assured bulb

When the headlamp is damaged, the bulb needs to be replaced. Select a bulb with a guaranteed quality. The quality of the light bulb directly affects the brightness of the headlight, the length of use, and the stability of the lighting. If the brightness of the headlights is insufficient or the lighting is unstable during night driving, the driver will not be able to see the road conditions ahead, and traffic accidents are likely to occur. Although low-quality bulbs are cheap, they have a short lifespan and need to be replaced frequently. Therefore, it is recommended to buy bulbs with guaranteed quality. Currently widely used are halogen lamps, xenon lamps and LED lamps.

Four types of car headlights:

Halogen lamps: Halogen lamps have a long history and are still widely used in some low-end models until now. Halogen lamps are actually incandescent lamps. They use high melting point tungsten filaments. At the same time, halogen lamps such as iodine or bromine are injected into the tube. When used, the tungsten filaments sublimate at high temperatures. The sublimated halogen elements will solidify on the tungsten filaments. Increased lamp life. The light of the halogen lamp is yellowish and has strong penetrability, which can still provide a better field of vision for the driver in rainy, snowy and foggy weather.

Led Daytime Running Lights

Led Daytime Running Lights

Xenon lamp: Xenon lamp is a form of lamp commonly used in mid-to-high-end cars. Because the xenon lamp is relatively high in brightness, it is usually equipped with a lens. The emitted light is very focused, so it is loved by everyone. The color of the xenon lamp is white. Compared with halogen lamps, xenon lamps have higher brightness, lower power consumption, longer life, and more stable lighting effects. Therefore, most models at this stage use xenon headlamps. The xenon lamp uses high-pressure xenon wrapped in a quartz tube to replace the traditional tungsten wire. The 12v voltage on the car is instantly boosted to 23000v through a supercharger, which stimulates the xenon to discharge and generates a white arc light.

LED lights: led daytime running lights have become the first choice and standard for many cars in recent years. The principle of LED is actually very simple, that is, one or more light emitting diodes. The brightness of LED lamps is generally 6200 lumens, which is much higher than xenon. The life is about 100,000 hours, which is 30 times that of the xenon lamp. The energy required is only 1/20 of that of a halogen lamp.

Laser Light: The working principle of a laser light is very similar to that of an LED light. Its light emitting element is a laser diode. Laser headlights are currently only available on some high-end vehicles, the cost is very high, and the technology has not yet matured completely.

Second: regular inspection and replacement of headlights

Check the brightness and angle of the headlights regularly. If you feel the brightness is insufficient, try adjusting it. If the headlights are loose, the brightness may decrease. If the headlights are dimmed, please replace the bulbs.

The headlights must be replaced regularly. Because with the use of the lamp, the brightness of the lamp will gradually weaken over time. Therefore, if the light bulb does not have enough brightness to affect normal driving, it is recommended to replace the light bulb. There is also the problem of the angle of the headlights, and the headlights remain directly forward. If the illumination is found to be shifted, which affects the visibility of the road ahead, the headlights must be adjusted. After the angle adjustment is completed, it is best to switch between low beam and high beam to observe if there is a problem.

Finally: the headlamps on both sides are replaced together

It is recommended that if you need to replace the headlight bulbs, it is best to replace the headlamps on both sides with the same wattage bulbs with the same brightness on both sides.

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