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What are the Advantages of Retrofitting Led Headlights?

Mar. 06, 2020

Car LED retrofit light manufacturer share with you:

Halogen headlamps have lower brightness than xenon lamps and LED lamps due to their lower color temperature, but their brightness is relatively uniform. There is also a clear advantage in low visibility weather such as rain, snow, and haze. A halogen light source will have better penetration.

LED car lights and xenon lamps are the most different: because of the high brightness of xenon lamps, compared to halogen lamps, turning on at night not only improves the brightness, but also increases the irradiation distance. In addition to the excellent brightness, LED car lights are also closest to natural colors. They are not only comparable to halogen lights in light type, but also have a more pure color temperature. Turning on LED car lights at night can reduce eye fatigue more effectively. LED headlight intensity is less than 15,000 candela, which meets national standards, the best choice for annual lighting inspection. In general, it is recommended that owners prioritize upgrading LED car lights.

The biggest advantage of xenon lamps is low wattage and strong brightness. Since there is no filament, the problem of scrapping due to broken filaments will not occur, so the service life of xenon lamps is relatively long. However, the start-up time of the xenon lamp is relatively long, from the start to the full light-generally a delay of 4 or 5 seconds, and the ballast is a easily broken thing, the actual service life is greatly reduced. In addition, the xenon lamp emits light through high voltage discharge, and the high voltage may cause electromagnetic interference. If it is not upgraded properly, its light intensity will exceed 30,000 candela (national standard 15,000 candela), which can easily cause pedestrian blindness and affect Safe to pass the annual inspection.

Compared to xenon lamps, LED car lights not only have good brightness, but also are closest to natural colors. They are not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also have a longer service life than xenon lamps. The point is that there is no delay in starting.

Car Led Headlight Retrofit Light

 Car Led Headlight Retrofit Light

Advantages of car LED headlight retrofit light in brightness and heat dissipation:

Nowadays, there are more and more brands making LED car lights on the market, but in terms of parameters and appearance, they are actually similar. Whether a brand has an advantage, the most important thing is whether it can solve the two major technical difficulties of the LED industry: brightness and heat dissipation.

Good lighting performance:

What is the actual measured concept of 2000 lumens? 2000 lumens means a 200% increase in theoretical brightness over ordinary halogen lamps, the road lighting effect is more obvious, and the field of vision is clearer.

In addition, unlike the blue, pink, and purple headlights on the market, Huo Jing Optoelectronics LED headlights-use the international standard color temperature (6000K positive white light). To the human eye, this color temperature is not only more visually clear, but also Vision is more comfortable, less prone to fatigue, and more conducive to driving safety.

A few knowledge points about color temperature: Color temperature is the human eye's perception of light emitters or white reflectors. This is a sense of the complex complex factors of physical body and psychology, and it varies from person to person. Color temperature below 3300K has a stable atmosphere and a warm feeling; color temperature between 3000--5000K is an intermediate color temperature, which has a refreshing feeling; color temperature above 5000K has a cold feeling. Different light colors of different light sources make up the best environment. The 6000K color temperature, which is generally considered as the white light closest to the color of noon sunlight.

Strong heat dissipation performance:

There are three common cooling methods on the market, one is fan cooling, one is copper braided cooling, and the other is aluminum cooling. Huo Jing's LED headlights are made of integrated aerospace aluminum material, which can quickly transmit the high temperature of the lamp beads to the base heat sink and fan, which ensures the best operating temperature of the LED lamp beads.

In addition, each Huo Jing Optoelectronics L ED headlight will be equipped with a special dust-proof back cover. The purpose of this back cover is not only for the convenience of fixing the power controller and installation, but also to further expand the heat dissipation performance of the bulb. Because after the original car replaces the LED headlights, the radiator, copper belt, controller, etc. will usually fill up the space. At this time, if the original car back cover is used, the overall cooling effect will be greatly reduced due to the lack of gaps, even due to temperature Too high causes a malfunction. Therefore, the special dust-proof rear cover provided by Huo Jing Optoelectronics has more space reserved by the built-in controller, so that there is sufficient cooling space inside the bulb, which further guarantees the performance of the bulb.


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